A Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Just Cracked Time Travel—Here's How It's Possible

A year ago, Kip S. Thorne gathered a Nobel Prize (alongside Rainer Weiss and Barry C. Barish) for his work on gravitational waves. Presently, Thorne may have made another breakthrough: a hypothetical method for going through time. It includes black holes, a wormhole, and the extending of space and time. 

The thought includes making a wormhole whose two closures are separately situated near Earth and the surface of a dark hole. Since black hole stretch and misshape space-time, time moves substantially more gradually there.

As per Thorne, this is the key: "In the event that you have wormholes then if you move the mouth of one wormhole down close to the surface of a black hole time streams gradually there contrasted with the rate of stream of time back here on earth. So the two mouths get out of sync. The mouth of the wormhole sits down the surface of the black hole and it stays there with just a couple of hours leaving while behind here on Earth a billion years pass."

By entering the wormhole here on Earth and itinerant to the black hole, you can basically wait for a billion Earth-years to pass, at that point pass through the wormhole again and develop later on.

Then again, you can go through the wormhole to the black hole and rise in the "past." Unfortunately, there are two noteworthy defects with this wormhole plan: the first is that any human going through a wormhole likely wouldn't endure.

The physics are confounded, yet rest guaranteed realizing that the human body wasn't intended to withstand the kind of forces included. The second flaw needs to do with the act of time travel itself.

As indicated by Thorne, any endeavor at time travel is going to  end with a cataclysmic blast: "I was force to understand that there's a universal mechanism  when you are attempting to transform a wormhole into a time machine in this way—an universal mechanism that dependably makes a violent blast that conceivable destroys the wormhole right at the moment when it starts to make time travel conceivable."

This seems to be further evidence that the universe detests time travelers.

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