A standout amongst the most charming names that I've gone over in the physics sector is the Oh My God Particle.”  Scientists likewise allude to this particle as the "ermahgerd molecule" (joking, joking. It's not so much called that, however it is known as the "Gracious My God Particle"). Presently, the primary thing that may fly into some of your thoughts is the Higgs Boson, which was founded in 2012. This isn't excessively shocking as the media circumvented considering it the "God Particle." However, these two particles are quite different.

So what is the Oh My God Particle? Well it is a straightforward, lowly proton. So why the name?

This proton had the active mass-energy of a baseball moving at 90 km/h (56 mph)! This kind of particle is known as a cosmic ray, they're commonly just protons however can now and then be a Helium particle or even an electron. Makes them so fascinating that they're moving extremely close to the speed of light, and the Oh My God Particle is the quickest at any point found.

Discovered in 1991 in Utah, this great energy particle is possibly to have initiated from around the Supermassive Black Hole in the galaxy Centaurus A prior it made its voyage to the Earth. Presently we referenced that it was going close to the speed of light… 

Well how close? Well this proton had a energy level of around 50 joules of energy, which is sufficient to quickly illuminate a 50 Watt light bulb. This may not appear much energy, but rather since one proton weighs 1.67e-27 kg (or 0.167 with 26 zeroes before it), it more likely had an unbelievable speed. 

And that speed has been measured to being about 99.9999999999999999999995% of the speed of light! That implies that, per a second, it was moving just 1.5 quadrillionths of a meter slower than the speed of light. Not to stress however, despite the fact that this particle had the mass-energy of a baseball, if you somehow to be hit by one of these in the head while wandering down the road, you wouldn't be thumped unmindful.

I am hopeful now you can acknowledge why it is known as the Oh My God Particle… the researchers that identified this particle most likely called that out when they worked out how quick that solitary proton was moving.

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