The Fourth Dimension Incredibly Explained By A High School Student

The concept of the fourth dimension is quite a hard subject to wrap your head around. We only observe our world in three directional dimensions, but theoretical physicists consider that extra dimensions could occur beyond our perceptive reach and one of those is the fourth dimension. It’s a postulated spatial dimension additional to those determining length, area, and volume.

So we already know that we can’t see or precieve this fourth dimension and researchers also tried to explain time travel through fourth dimension but it’s still seems fictional. If we can't use the fourth dimension to time travel, and if we can't even see the fourth dimension, then what's the point of knowing about it? Understanding these higher dimensions is of importance to mathematicians and physicists because it helps them understand the world. String theory, for example, relies upon at least 10 dimensions to remain viable [source: Groleau]. For these researchers, the answers to complex problems in the 3-D world may be found in the next dimension -- and beyond.

Although it is a quite a hard subject and tough to wrap your head around, this incredible High-School student does a wonderful job of explaining the fourth dimension.


  1. Why do the figures have to be cubes? Why must the sides be parallel and perpendicular? A lot of the cosmos is spheres. Things move on arcs as well as straight lines. If string theory is squiggles, why aren’t there weird shapes to define dimensions.

    If we live in a 3D world but our actions are observable to hypothetical 2D creatures, then shouldn’t the actions of 4D beings be noticeable to us?

  2. The depictions used don’t represent actual objects, they are the space in which we occupy, which is by definition made of straight lines infinitely expanding. If you don’t want to accept the infinite line part, he does explain that the space could be represented by extremely slight curves.

    To answer your second point, you are correct that if two dimensional beings can see our actions that we should in theory be able to see the actions of four dimensional beings. However, because two dimensional beings can only witness our actions as one dimensional occurances, they can not comprehend what is and isn’t two or three dimensional occurances, which again, would extend to us, basically, we can see four dimensional occurances, we just cannot differentiate between four and three dimensional occurances.


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