Man Mauled To Death By Lion He Was Keeping In Backyard For Breeding

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A man has been mauled to death by a lion he was keeping in his backyard in the Czech Republic.

Police say the nine-year-old lion attacked Michal Prasek at his property in the country's east this morning.

The man's dad called authorities around 6am when he saw his son's body inside the animal enclosure.

Man Mauled To Death By Lion He Was Keeping In Backyard For Breeding

Sadly, when authorities arrived, they had the difficult task of retrieving what was left of Mr Prasek's body, which was being guarded by not one lion, but two. In order to carry out their mission, they had to shoot dead the two beasts.

Regional police spokeswoman Lenka Javorkova told AFP: "I can confirm the breeder is dead. The police had to shoot the two lions dead. A doctor then declared the owner dead."

She added that killing the animals was 'absolutely necessary'.

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Police had fined Prasek in the past for illegally breeding the lions on his property.

According to NY Daily News, police were unable to take the animals off him because they didn't show any signs of malnutrition or abuse. As a result, he was within his rights to not allow them into the enclosures.

The man also didn't just keep them confined on his property either.

Apparently a cyclist collided with the female lion last year while Prasek took it out for a walk. Can you imagine going for a casual cycle in rural Czech Republic and coming across a bloody lioness.

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The BBC reports that the man bought the first lion in 2016 from Slovakia and the second last year.

Zdechov mayor Tomas Kocourek said: "Today's incident will perhaps finally help to resolve this long-term problem."

Police have started an investigation to see what went wrong inside the enclosure.

While Mr Prasek would have had an intimate knowledge of his two lions, people have been just as stupid to get up close and personal with the big animals and ended up just the same.

A video posted two months ago showed the shocking moment a man was mauled to death after hopping inside a lion enclosure in India.

The man, believed to be in his mid-20s, climbed over a 25-foot wall and jumped inside the lion safari area at Chhatbir Zoo in Punjab.

He was immediately attacked by a lioness called Shilpa, who dragged the helpless man by his neck. A male lion, Yuvraj, also joined in the attack, clamping his jaws around the victim's head.

Hearing his screams, staff rushed to try and rescue the man and sounded car horns to scare the animals away.

A team of zoo officials chased away the lions within six minutes of the attack and rushed the man to the civil hospital in Dera Bassi, where doctors declared him dead.

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