The Sun will Destroy the Earth Sooner than you Think

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There are many ways how Earth could be destroyed. It could collide with another planet, be swallowed by a black hole, or be struck by asteroids. There is really no way to know which apocalyptic scenario will be the cause of our planet's death.

But one thing is certain - even if Earth spent the rest of its ages escaping from alien attacks, dodging space rocks, avoiding a nuclear apocalypse, there will come a time when our own Sun will eventually destroy us. And, as Jillian Scudder, an astrophysicist at the University of Sussex, explained, that day may come sooner than we thought.

The Sun survives by burning hydrogen atoms in helium atoms in its nucleus. And just in this process, it burns 600 million tons of hydrogen every second. And as the core of the Sun becomes saturated with this helium, it shrinks, causing nuclear fusion reactions to accelerate - which means that the Sun spews more energy. That means that for every 1 billion years, the Sun is 10% brighter.

While 10% may not seem like much, this difference can be catastrophic for our planet. This increase means that in 3.5 billion years from now, the Sun will shine nearly 40% more, which will boil Earth's oceans, melt its ice caps, and take all the moisture out of its atmosphere. Our planet, once full of life, will become an unbearably hot, dry and barren place - like Venus. 

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