That Time Buzz Aldrin Punched A Moon Landing Denier In The Face!

But, some (okay maybe a lot?) of people out there don't believe the moon landing actually happened! There are many theories about how it was staged - most notably that the government hired Stanley Kubrik to film a fake landing in a Hollywood studio.

Back in 2009 Buzz Aldrin was minding his own business and walking into a hotel where he was approached by and harassed by one such moon landing non-believer. The man gets in his face and ask Buzz to swear on the Bible that the moon landing was real. Aldrin continues to try to move away and then eventually bops this guy in the face! And honestly, that dude had it coming! Check it out below.


  1. cmon ole buzzy just swear on it...whats so hard if u really did it ..

    1. Yeah, well then you should swear on the bible that you didn't suck 1000 dicks last night.

  2. Nobody owes Jerks 4 Jesus anything. That guy got what he deserved

  3. hope he knocked out a tooth, he deserved it... and more.


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