Brian Cox Explains Why We Haven't Seen Aliens Yet – And It Isn't Pretty

Physicist Brian Cox has weighed in one of astronomy's most curious questions: Given the high probability of extraterrestrial life existing in the endlessly massive universe, why haven't we seen any clear evidence of it?

This question was first put forward by Italian physicist Enrico Fermi in the 1950s, in what’s now known as the Fermi paradox. He argued there's a contradiction between the high probability of alien life existing and the total lack of hard evidence that intelligent life has ever evolved outside of Earth.

“Where is everybody?” he famously asked.

Well, Professor Cox thinks he might have the answer. But it isn’t too cheery.

According to the Sunday Times, Cox said:
“One solution to the Fermi paradox is that it is not possible to run a world that has the power to destroy itself and that needs global collaborative solutions to prevent that.”

Yup, essentially there's a chance aliens wipe themselves out via political turmoil before they ever become advanced enough to launch an interstellar exploration.

He went on to warn:
 “It may be that the growth of science and engineering inevitably outstrips the development of political expertise, leading to disaster. We could be approaching that position.”



  1. The alien (other worldly) races that can survive this (adolescent?) phase would be smart enough to avoid contact with our primitive planet.

  2. Stupid.... two words ...Go-Fast and Gimble

  3. The reasons why they're not showing us the evidence is because it's going to cause a holy war which is going to contradict the Bible's and other scriptures of books the most powerful thing in this world is money then comes religion people start losing faith then all hell's going to break loose and that's facts people going to question why in the Bible does it speak about aliens and if you notice this world is changing because people are tampering with the future by coming to the Past not knowing that tampering with the future can make changes Vehicles were made even before our time it's funny how NASA doesn't tell you that it was a war up in Mars if you look in Google Maps dirt stains off of bombings in some areas and they wasn't Comics neither what had happened was there was a war up there which led to biological warfare which destroyed everything that's why they're still structures up there now they're just starting to find out or not tell us there are living creatures up there there are things that walk amongst us up there they just don't want to be honest so NASA if you read this the cats out the bag there's a reason why you leaking a lot of videos to us well guess what a lot of us already know what's going on we've been in this world way before men that's why we got movies to tell you what's going on we have actors that are luminous from Luminati every masonry involved in all this you got to be so goddamn naive to not believe there's nothing out there I can tell you more from the things I've seen But I leave it alone....

  4. sorry folks,. its a bit more simple than that, every evolving species that discovers the power of the 'Atom' will inevitably destroy itself through the power of the atom,. (nuclear weapons & each war,. getting progressively worse. until each civilization works-out,. what "Not to do",.. its all about Peace & LOVE people,. & the current human population on Earth have at least (3)ever growing,. more catastrophic Nuclear wars,. in our 'evolution' before we work-out,. what "Not to do" ,.. Mick Phair.

  5. "THERE WAS A WAR IN HEAVEN" (BIBLE) could be good to investigate and research this.

  6. Could be the Univers expansion the cause? Everything is distancing by everything with a speed that is growing with an acceleration that is... growing by 74 km/second...
    Are we a forgotten island?


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