This Is The Most Convincing Evidence We've Seen That The Moon Landings Were Faked

Unless you've been hiding in Area 51 for the past several months waiting for rescue from Naruto runners, you are probably very aware that it's coming up to the 50th anniversary of the first time humans walked on the Moon.

Not everyone is convinced, however, that we really did go to the Moon. Conspiracy theorists are adamant that it's all in fact a government conspiracy, and that all the footage was actually shot on Earth and then slowed down (even though it's unlikely the film technology was available at the time). Some have even claimed to see a stage-hand in shot, even though there clearly isn't.

So, in honor of the Moon landings, which may or may not have happened (please hold your judgments until the end) here is the most compelling evidence, obviously compiled by an expert, that the Moon landings did not actually happen 50 years ago at all.
Pretty damning stuff. Hard not to be convinced by this overwhelming evidence that the Moon landings were faked.

If you're still skeptical, however, check out the threatening message he got from NASA shortly after his thread went viral. 


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