The World’s First Human Head Transplant Has Been Successfully Carried Out

The world's first human head transplant has been done on a carcass in China, as per a questionable Italian doctor who said that he and his group are currently ready to perform the surgery on a living person. Dr. Sergio Canavero, head of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, said the task was completed by a group led by Dr. Xiaoping Ren, who a year ago effectively grafted a head onto a monkey's body.

"The first human transplant on human bodies has been finished. A full head swap between brain dead organ contributors is the following stage," Canavero said at a public interview in Vienna, the Telegraph of the UK reported"Furthermore, that is the last step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition which is unavoidable."

Canavero said the fruitful transplant by the specialists at Harbin Medical University demonstrates that his procedures for reconnecting the spine, nerves and blood to enable two bodies to live together will work. Albeit Russian computer researcher Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from a muscle-wasting sickness, volunteered to become the first head transplant patient, the group has said the first beneficiary will probably be Chinese, in light of the fact that the possibility of a Chinese contributor body will be higher.

Canavero, who has professed to have effectively completed the surgery on rats and monkey, said logical papers detailing the procedure on the corpse, and additionally more details of the first live human transplant, would be discharged in the following couple of days. He said a live activity would occur in China since his endeavors to get backing for the project were rejected by the medical communities in the US and Europe, according to USA Today.

The Americans did not comprehend," Canavero said as he discussed  the surgery.

Canavero wants to sever the spinal chords of the giver and beneficiary with a precious stone blade. To ensure the beneficiary's mind during the exchange, it will be cooled to a condition of profound hypothermia, he said. He said Friday that his group has practiced his techniques with human corpses in China, however there are generally no known human trials, USA Today announced. Most medicinal specialists say the strategy is fraught with risk and significant biomedical moral inquiries. Dr. James Giordano, a teacher at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, revealed to USA Today that insufficient rigorous study has been led in front of such a method.

He said patients may be better off if Canavero concentrated his endeavors on spinal reproduction, not transplants. Be that as it may, he gave Canavero some credit for his spearheading work.
"He's run the moral flag up the poles and said, 'Look, I'm not an ethicist, I'm a nervous system specialist and this might be a vanguard method, I perceive there is a high probability for disappointment, however this is the main way we can push the envelope and probe the cutting edge to determine what works, what doesn’t and why,’” Giordano said.

 “It’s not just about a head adjusting to a new body. We might be dealing with a whole new person,” she said.

Assya Pascalev, a biomedical ethicist at Howard University in Washington, told the paper that there are major unanswered question regarding the personality and privileges of the beneficiary.

"It's not just about a go to another body. We may manage with a whole new person,” she said.


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  4. I wonder how this will work regarding the heart-brain. Will the head and heart be compatible in the experience of the previous incarnation?

  5. I think this is absolutely sick & that experiments like this should be banned. I wonder how many poor animals this sick man has carved up out just to satisfy his his extreme curiousity because no one, no matter how damaged a person is, is going to want another head. I honestly think that people like this should be behind bars as the world isn't safe with them in it. Why are sociopaths like are allowed to continue doing the work they are doing? Why aren't they stopped? I hope he falls off a cliff.


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